is a journey into the depth of Presence and the emergence of Love – with poems by Christine Hartmann and visual art by Naomi Ojima.

This artwork is a conversation between word, form and colour. It aims to describe the experience of the present moment, what arises and wants to be expressed when awareness and stillness meets creativity.

Christine and Naomi believe that the source of all movements is Love. It is what inspired both artists to collaborate and create a collection of present-moment-expressions, inviting the reader to pause and to enter the multidimensionality of Now, to feel Love at its core.

The exhibition is still going on at Bakehouse Cafe in Findhorn until 29/10. (Open everyday 10:00 – 16:00)

The books and cards are available on the cafe.

Also the book is available online. Click here.

Christine Hartmann blog.  Click here.


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